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Jeff Lerner - Unlikely
Internet entrepreneur
and trainer to thousands

   Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

   My name is Jeff Lerner, and a few years ago it seemed highly unlikely I would ever be teaching anyone how to make money.

   It was the fall of 2008.  I was living in a friend's spare room in Houston, TX (where I'm from) out of work, with a failed business, and over a quarter million dollars in debt.

   Only a few months prior, I had been the proud owner of not one, but two restaurant franchises.  I was 28 years old and life was looking pretty rosy...

I thought I had it made so early in life!
I thought I was pretty cool.
But Then... Disaster!

   In the summer of 2008 the world economy collapsed as you know because of a bunch of Wall Street fat cats deciding to play Roulette with your and my savings.

   Well that and a few other fat cats had decided to pretend that real estate could go up in value 50% a year indefinitely.

   It was amazing how far reaching the disaster went (I remember reading about how the Icelandic Teacher's Union had lost all their retirement money investing in subprime US mortgages).

And in Houston we were hit hard

   You see the Houston, TX economy is largely centered around the oil and gas industries.  They call it the "energy capital of the world", which along with NASA and the world's largest rodeo are pretty much its claim to fame.

   When energy prices dropped 50% in a matter of months, the energy capital of the world took it harder than anyone.

And my businesses went
right down with it...

   What had seemed like a genius business strategy only a few months before, specializing in lunch time deliveries to large corporate employers (most of which were energy companies) suddenly became my undoing.

   In 3 months our business dropped by over $20,000 per month, whereas before I had been earning a small profit. Now I was literally losing over $10,000 a month.

It didn't take long before I was belly up... smack dab
in the middle of a recession with no options.

   Getting a job wasn't an option.  Starting another business wasn't an option (didn't have any money left...) and I couldn't even pay my rent.

   My savings was completely gone, and I had no credit.  I literally had to beg a friend to let me crash in his spare room so I didn't end up on the street!

And my financial troubles weren't the worst of it.

  I was depressed.  I felt like a complete failure... even a loser.

  Just months before I had been on top of the world...  I had been the smart one, the independent one, the one that had refused to settle for "getting a J.O.B."

  I was a proud business owner (with the bank debt to prove it!), and on my way.  The American Dream... right?

Not quite...

   Then, only a few months later the only person I was doing any business with was my bankruptcy attorney. After a while I couldn't even afford to pay him (which is why I never actually declared bankruptcy...)

And then the harrassment started!

I had borrowed a ton of money to get these businesses started.

Now my creditors were here to collect.

Not only that, but the manager of one of my stores hadn't been keeping up with our taxes.

I not only owed the bank, but the Texas Workforce Commission,

The State of Texas Sales Tax Division, and of cource the IRS.

Check out the kind of letters I had to look forward to whenever I checked the mail:



At the end, I was over $300,000 in debt

28 years old with no job, and living out of a friend's spare room.

Pretty depressing, huh?

   Imagine every day getting a phone call from a creditor about every 15 minutes. Literally every 15 minutes!

   And even worse... the bank loan I had defaulted on was a Small Business Admnistration (SBA) loan... which is a fancy way of saying I got it through a government program that helps entrepreneurs get financing when they can't otherwise get a bank loan.

   Well here's what they don't tell you when you get an SBA loan... if your business shuts down and you can't pay off the debt, expect your life to be a living hell.

   It seriously felt like a movie, like The Bourne Identity or something, with these government goons calling me everyday asking to see my bank records, etc.

   Look, I'll admit I made some bad decisions in running my restaurants, but I didn't know that qualified you for harrassing daily phone calls from the US Department of Justice saying the Treasury wanted it's money.

(Seriously, anyone who's looking at taking out a SBA loan needs to talk to me first!)

   It was a scary time... and I was in way over my head, and I saw absolutely no light at the end of any tunnel.

Thank Goodness I Had A Friend Who
Let Me Crash At His Place.


   It was a week before Thanksgiving (November 21, 2008 to be precise), and I wasn't really feeling the whole "holiday spirit" thing.

   Honestly "giving thanks" sounded like something for other people.

Then I found my salvation.

   It happened by accident... all I was doing was checking my email and this random ad came up.

"I Used To Belong To So-and-so Company, But Now I Make $70K+ On The Internet..."

Or something like that...

You know one of those ads that displays like this when you check your gmail:

   And what's funny is that the only reason the ad even displayed in my inbox is because I had some old emails filed away from this multi-level marketing company I used to be in (So-and-so Company from the ad).

   You see gmail (which is owned by Google) has this really cool program I later found out that lets you run ads that are relevant to the content of people's emails.

   So somebody was running an ad targeting people who had been in a so-and-so multi-level marketing company... and I happened to clicked on it.

And that was my first introduction to
the world of Internet entrepreneurship.

   In my late night, Internet-surfing stupor I found myself landing on a page where a guy named Michael explained to me what was possible if I was willing to learn some skills about how to generate an income online.

   He seemed like a good enough guy, but frankly the amounts of money he was telling me I could make (if I was willing to challenge myself) were staggering.  He was showing videos of logging into his bank account at and having upwards of $100,000 a month in deposits coming in.


With very little expenses going out...

   Certainly I was skeptical but knowing what little I did about the Internet I knew that to fake a complete replica of Bank of America's website and then pretend to login and show fake money in a fake account would be above the paygrade of most BS-artists.

   Did it sound too good to be true?  Yeah... a little, but my gut told me this guy was for real.

SO with time to kill,
nowhere to be in the morning,
and nothing to lose,
I followed the trail...

   Next thing I knew what little money I had left on my credit card (about $400) was being spent and I had bought myself a little Internet marketing business.

   And what I didn't realize at the time, but what I now know, is that my life had just changed.

   It didn't happen right away... and in fact there were a couple times when it almost didn't happen at all.

   I was on the verge of quitting several times, but each time either my total desperation and lack of options OR a pep talk from Michael kept me from doing so.

   I had become a part of one of the Internet's premier communities of entrepreneursA community dedicated to training entrepreneurs and equipping them with the best tools on the Internet.

  And it worked!!  

   With nothing but time to lose I was pouring myself into this new world... 10, 12, 14 hours a day.

   Every waking moment I could spare I spent learning about things like pay-per-click marketing, social media, search engine optimization, etc.

June 2009 (my 7th month) -
Screenshot of part of my back office.

Total earnings that month was $72,052.

And every extra dollar I could scrounge up I spent on advertising.

And slowly but surely I started to get the hang of it... and results started to happen.

My first month, I made $110.

My second month $1106.25.

My third month $2652.25.

And then it really started to take off.

By month 7... I was up over...

$72,000 for the month.

And it just - kept - going.

By the end of my first year I had earned over $450,000 and suffice to say my life had completely turned around.

I was able to pay off my debt, get back on my feet, and restore my sense of self-worth and value to the world.

In short, I no longer felt like a loser!

And this is when the story gets interesting...

I ended up deciding to move to Montana for 6 months because I love to ski In the Fall of 2009, with my financial troubles a fast fading memory I hired movers (that was a big deal to be able to pay movers) and moved to a place called Bozeman, Montana where I lived for basically an entire ski season.


And I Kept Marketing!

I kept my business going... even while skiing 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

$40K, $60K, $35K, $80K... there were ups and downs month to month but when $35,000 is a BAD month you know you're doing something right.


And it all kept happening even
while I was out on the slopes.

   You see, when you master the Internet you basically have the world's hardest-working employee, who never tires in generating you traffic, leads, and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Oh yeah, and the Internet works for free (once you figure it out).

   It was truly bliss... I had found my nirvana stateSkiing, a bit of fly fishing, and  $50K a month coming in off the Internet.

   Finally ski season was over and the snow started to melt.  I quickly learned about what is known as mud season to people who live in the mountains.

   When glowing white fields of pristine snow melt and turn into oozing sludgy messes of muddy slop.

   Well given that my business now allowed me to live and work anywhere I pleased, I decided to relocate elsewhere for a few months while the temperatures finished warming up.

   So I moved again (yes I hired more movers... once you've had a taste you can never go back!)

This time I moved out east...
To the Big Apple.

And this is where the story starts to take some incredible twists and turns.

Now if you're thinking to yourself "Why is this guy telling me his life story?" trust me, you'll want to hang in here.

In order to understand what I can do for you... you have to understand what has happened to me.

It began when I moved to New York City...


I ended up getting this swanky apartment in lower Manhattan in an area called TriBeCa (that picture up above on the Home Business Connection Magazine cover was taken on the roof deck of my building).

   Little did I know it, but the world headquarters of the Internet marketing community I was a member of was actually 6 blocks from my apartment.

   Now understand, we're talking about some pretty freaky odds here... The odds that I would randomly get an apartment within 6 blocks of the corporate offices of the company that had given me the opportunity to live in some of the world's most expensive real estate in the first place!

It was eerie.. and as fate would have it
quite fortuitous.

   I started dropping by the offices on a regular basis.  By now I had been marketing with that company for over 2 years and they knew who I was, so I was warmly welcomed when I would stop by.

Jay Kubassek - The founder
and CEO of the company I
marketed with, featured on the
same magazine cover I was
featured on years later
(shown above).

   I became very good friends with the owner of the company, a guy named Jay Kubassek who you may have heard of, not only because he created one of the most successful Internet business communities ever, but also because he has produced three films, including one with Spike Lee.

So after a few months of dropping by the office...
Jay approached me with a proposal...

"I need someone I can trust, who knows the business, who lives here in New York, and who's willing to work hard."

It was a job offer... and a good one.

   In fact as jobs go, it was probably the single best job a guy could ask for.  3 days a week in the office, flexible hours, great pay, and getting to be in charge of all daily operations for one of the most exciting Internet companies in the world.

   But I had to think about it...  I had gotten pretty used to the total freedom and flexibility of being strictly an Internet marketer.  And even though the job paid well, it wasn't going to match the $50K-$80K a month I had grown accustomed to earning.

   But in the end I decided it was about more than the money, or the loss of freedom.  I knew that sitting at the helm of a worldwide community of Internet entrepreneurs with members in over 200 countries would be an invaluable experience that would pave the way for wherever life took me from there.

And indeed it did.

   During my time as "Senior VP of Operations" (a fancy way of saying Jay's right-hand man) I got to know the upper echelons of the Internet marketing world.

   Capture pages, sales funnels, autoresponder platforms, CPA networks, media buying, and so forth... this stuff became my world.

   For almost a year I was integrally involved in every aspect of the company's operations.   I also got to meet and know a lot of people high up in the Internet marketing industry.

   And for me, most importantly, I got to know the industry as a whole.  I had access to huge databases of statisticsEvery conceivable metric and analytic on Internet marketing.


Who was making money? 
How much were they making? 
I knew it all.

   If you wanted to know how much the average Internet marketer between 35 and 40 years old living on the south island of New Zealand earned last July... I had a place I could look it up.

   This level of access and understanding about the inner workings of this type of business did 2 things...


It disheartened me, and it inspired me.

Let me explain.

The more I learned about the industry and started to figure out why so many
people were
struggling to make money the more I started getting invitations to
speak and train at industry events and seminars
Sure enough just by applying
myself consistently and passionately
... I had become an "expert".

It disheartened me because I was able to confirm beyond a doubt what most people who have spent any time trying to make money online already know...  that it is harder than it looks at first and the vast majority of people who try it (over 99% actually) never get the hang of it and never make any money.

99 out of every 100 people who get into Internet marketing end up quitting before they ever turn a profit.  And every time that happens somebody's hopes and dreams of a different lifestyle dies with it.

It's sad when you know the statistics.

But...  I was also inspired.

   The more I really got to know about the industry the more I started to see where the breakdowns were.

   I've always been kind of a numbers junkie... and by analyzing the available data I was able to draw some pretty big conclusions about what was causing people to fail online.


It came down to a few things.

Money, Time and Traffic...


  Most people had unrealistic expectations and/or had been misled about the level of investment required to be successful online.  My analysis showed that people who had $8000 or more to invest in an online business had over 100 times more likelihood of recouping their investment than people who had less than $3000.  Unfortunately, most people starting online businesses don't have a lot of money... so most of them cannot afford enough advertising to get into the "profit zone" (more on that later).


  Most people simply did not allocate enough time to growing their business.  I was able to view statistics that tracked how long people were actually logged into their marketing platform on a daily basis.  The average Internet marketer was spending less than 10 minutes a day on their business.  Sure, once you have it mastered you can get away with working much less than most people, but when you're only spending 10 minutes a day learning, that just is not enough time and effort to ever really get anything going.


  The number one thing people online struggled to maintain was a consistent flow of traffic, (visitors) to their websites.  Most Internet marketing systems provide websites to their members, but in most cases, members are responsible for generating their own traffic by placing ads.  Placing ads online requires more skill and more money than most Internet companies want new people to realize... because if they were totally honest about everything that goes into mastering ad placement, many people wouldn't get started in the first place.

   In short... once you digested enough stats, the Internet revealed itself as kind of a shady place.  For the most part, the whole concept of "making money online" was built on a bunch of hype and empty claims.

   For most people it simply wasn't happening, even for those who worked hard and followed all the steps they were given.


   Now at this point you may be wondering -

well, if it's so tough to make this stuff work, how was I able to make so much money
so quickly despite no previous experience as a marketer...

It's a fair question, and the only answer I can really give is that when I got started I was in a unique position...  I was down and out, living in a buddy's spare room, with no job, no family, and nothing competing for my time.

Although it felt pretty terrible at the time in hindsight, I had the best possible circumstances for learning this business... tons of free time to spend learning and a massive amount of debt to motivate me.

Self-help books love to tell you that fear is unhealthy, and of course there's truth to that.  But for me at the time being afraid of being a broke loser for the rest of my life was a pretty healthy motivator to make me want to do something about it.

The other thing I should mention is that before I owned restaurants, I was a professional piano player who was self-taught.  That is relevant because I had a long history of spending 8-12 hours a day sitting and reading/deciphering new skills.  The same natural aptitude that allowed me to teach myself piano kicked in when I was learning this business.

I grew up an only child and I'm a serious workaholic, so putting in the hours doesn't bother me.


  The more I learned the truth about the whole industry, the more I was embarrassed and ashamed.

   Here I was, a top producing online marketer who had made his money promoting the idea that anyone could make money onlne, and now I was running one of the largest systems in the world for teaching that philosophy, when I had figured out that the statistics didn't support any of it.

   Now to be sure, the company I was with was the best of the best online.  They were consistently turning out entrepreneurs who earned staggering amounts of money (much more than me in many cases) and had great training, great tools, and great leadership.

I was proud of the work we were doing as a company,
but the industry as a whole was clearly broken.

   I began asking myself questions...

  • Could the industry as a whole be fixed?
  • Was it possible to create a system where the AVERAGE person made a profit?
  • Could the 3 major breakdowns (Money, Time, and Traffic) be overcome?

   So for months I kicked around these questions, without any definitive answers.  Just going to work every day and musing in my spare time about if I even wanted to stay in this industry knowing as I did how futile it was for most people.


**And then everything changed again**


Right out of a Hollywood script, my whole world was upended in a way I never saw coming.

That's right, you guessed it...  I fell in love.

Nothing like being an instant Dad to
make you reevaluate your lifeplan!

With a girl who lived 2000 miles from New York City.  And her 3 kids.

Oops!  NOT a part of the plan.

But as men will often do... I resolved in my heart that I had to make the move.

This was spring of 2011 and I knew what had to be done.  I had had almost a year of "security" and learned a ton by running that company, but it was time for the next phase.

If I was going to make this new part of my life work I was going to leave my swanky New York City bachelor pad and relocate out west to be close to my new family.

And suddenly it all made sense.

   This wacky journey that I'd been on for the last 5 years, that had taken me to the depths of despair and to the top of the Internet world... it all came crystal clear.

   I was going to be a Dad now and I had had enough conversations with other Dads lamenting how little time they got to spend with their families (that was the number ONE reason people were looking at online business) that I was not going to suffer the same fate.

   I would go back to marketing, where I had total time freedom and flexibility.  I was going to be the only Dad who came to pick his kids up from schoolI was going to be the little league coach.

And one other thing I was going to do...

I was going to fix the Internet marketing industry once and for all.

   Yup. no BS.  I was going to build the perfect system...  A system that could actually offer people a real shot at making a life-changing amount of money on the Internet, regardless of their past experience.

   I was going to take everything I'd learned in my 3 years as a marketer and head of a marketing company, and combine it into one system that took away all the margin for human error.

   In other words, I was going to make an "idiot-proof" marketing system, one where not only was there a chance of making money, but there was an actual probability of making money.

   If you were to go out and audit every Internet marketing platform in the world, I guarantee you not a single one could say "If you join us you will probably make money."


They would have to say...

"If you join us you will possibly make money."

   See the difference?

   When you know that 99% or more of the people in an industry are losing money on their businesses then suggesting it is probable that someone will make money in that industry is a pretty bold claim.

   In fact, telling someone they will probably make money with Internet marketing has up until now been about the same thing as telling them they will probably make money playing the lottery... it's just not true.

Up until now that is.

Now watch this video and discover how ordinary people
just like YOU are using MOS to Change Their Lives!


I have assembled the world's first Internet marketing platform where I believe you have an actual statistical probability of making money.

   In fact when I launched the business I wanted to guarantee people they would make money.  Literally I was going to give people their money back if they didn't turn a profit after a year... but then I found out that Visa and Mastercard regulations don't allow guarantees that are good for that long (funny, huh?)

   Basically my merchant company said to me "No one's crazy enough to do that and if YOU are, well, we can't let you!"  So I had to let go of that crazy idea but I tell you about it so you'll know how confident I am in this system...

   So how can I be so confident?

   What have I figured out that other people just don't seem to get?

   Well to answer that question in some detail please make sure you've watched the video at the top of this page.  In it I explain exactly what is going on with Internet business as a whole and how the various systems out there have fallen short in responding.

   Then I explain what sets us apart.

   There are 5 critical components that you must have to build a successful Internet marketing business.  Now is not the time for an exhaustive lesson (our system will train you in great detail on how all this stuff works) but for now let's just touch on those 5.

   I call it the 'T3FP' formula (actually gotta give credit to one of my students Xavier G. for that acronym).

Xavier G. from Denver, CO
One of my students who earned
over $20,000 in his first few months

Traffic - people clicking to your website

Funnel - websites, follow up emails, etc. that build a relationship with your prospects

Filter - interaction in your funnel that separates people who are serious from people who are just curious (so-called "tire-kickers")

Follow Up - a systemized way of connecting with people to build trust and support your prospects in becoming your customer

Product Line(s) - a strategic mix of products to maximize the variety of demographics and psychographics that come through your funnel

   If you are missing any of these components you do not have an online business.  And if any of these components are broken than your business itself is broken and unlikely to make a profit.

   Simply put, what we have done here with our system is put together a turnkey solution for each of these 5 components.  We have assembled our system in such a way that within ONE week of signing up you will have all 5 of these critical components in place and functioning automatically on your behalf.

   You are then able to spend your time as a student, learning how the business works, knowing that your business is already working for you, even as you learn to work for it.

By the time you learn what you're doing,
you should already be making money.

Here's a quick glimpse at how we address each of these 5 critical components:

Traffic - Our system provides a completely automated traffic solution (called the co-op), you can simply plug into.  Our co-op delivers guaranteed leads and since everyone in the system shops from the same pool of leads, you are guaranteed the same lead quality as the top earners in the company.

Funnel - Our system provides you a funnel solution in 3 different ways:

  1. The Traffic co-op comes with its own highly converting funnel
  2. You have the option to drive your own traffic to one of four different funnels provided to you
  3. Our training guides you every step of the way toward creating your own personalized funnel belonging to no one but you

Filter - Our funnels have a variety of filter mechanisms in place to ensure you do not waste time dealing with people who are not actually looking to buy anything.

Follow Up - Our system has a built in call center so that you NEVER have to do your own follow up.  Many people are nervous about making phone calls to customers and we have completely taken that off your hands if you so choose.  You even have the option to have a 7 figure earner close your high end sales for you in exchange for a small commission split!

Product Line(s) - With this marketing system we have the ultimate mix of product lines providing new Internet entrepreneurs with something to sell to almost anyone, including the most lucrative high-end product line sold anywhere on the web.

Higher ROI Is The Key

With this system you will get higher Return On Investment (ROI) by selling more products to more people and turning a vastly higher percentage of your traffic into customers.

This is one of the biggest differences betwen our system and any other system out there.

Several of our income programs are only available through this system, and only through this system can you manage 8 different affiliate programs in one place.


What this means for you is that as a member of this system, you are promoting products and services for which there is far less competition than most Internet products since only members of this system can be affiliates for all of these.


  • You'll understand how much product lines matter...  Whether or not you have the right mix of product offers for different people coming through your funnel IS the difference maker in running a profitable online business.
  • You'll have a defined strategy... Most marketers make one of two mistakes... they are either die-hard devotees of one product line, or they mix and match every affiliate program they can find, and don't have any strategy behind what programs they mix and how.
  • We've done all the research and assembling for you...We have eliminated either of these mistakes as an option for YOU... by carefully researching and assembling a highly profitable mix of products that have minimal competition, high demand, and pay great commissions.


The reason our Product Mix is so essential is that it allows YOU to generate real Return On Investment (ROI) at almost any volume of traffic. You make more money with fewer customers...

Other systems require you to generate 300-500 leads before you see your ROI.  This is because too few prospects actually become customers.

With our system you can expect upwards of 10% of your leads to become customers (as opposed to the usual 2% or less) allowing you to earn a profit on less than 100 leads.

If you've been in an online business before, this likely speaks volumes to you.

And if you have not, trust us it's less expensive to take our word for it than to go learn the hard way with other online "make money" programs.


The The Millionaire OS Membership System Includes:

  • Free, automatic enrollment in all 8 affiliate programs (enrolling in each program individually outside our system would cost over $600)
  • "180 Days To Making Real Money Online" curriculum that teaches anyone, regardless of experience, how to set up a profitable online business
  • Direct coaching from a 7-figure business coach for every member
  • A professional sales staff who handles one-on-one selling and support for you (you never have to talk to a customer!)
  • A KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) website system (powered by HubOpus as shown above) that makes it easy to generate your first website
  • Access to our one-of-a-kind traffic co-op that generates consistent quality traffic at costs of 20-30% less than individuals can generate on their own
  • Weekly trainings from experts on lead generation, websites, branding, SEO, etc.

So, you're probably wondering
"how much does this cost?"

Even though our system is simple, and has countless aspiring entrepreneurs...


It Is NOT For Everybody.

Honestly, we don't want most people who read this page to partner with us in any capacity...

Because we know that most are simply tire kickers.

...That's why you have to qualify, first.

What do I mean by "qualify"? 

For starters, some people don't have the "mindset" to be an entrepreneur.  It is not a matter of intelligence either.  I have
very smart friends who I really wanted to join, but because they did not have an entrepreneur mindset, they never did anything. 

They never really cared about doing business.

And, as a result, never made any money.

And secondly, if you're someone who thinks you can sign up today and be rich by next Sunday then we want
nothing to do with you.

You will eventually be dead weight and go looking for the next fly by night scheme...

The only way to "get rich quick" like that is to hit the lottery or rob a bank and I want NOTHING to do with anyone that hangs their hopes on either.  So if you're the type of person that wants to "act" like an entrepreneur, or who is not ready to work diligently to pursue your dreams...

You're Out!

This simply is not for you... 

You'll just be wasting your time and money, and would probably be better off staying at your current job or collecting unemployment until the "right job" comes along. 

And by the way, there is no shame in not being an entrepreneur.

Not everyone can be a business owner...  And society will always need the "glue guys" that work as an employee on the front lines.

                                                                                        On the other hand...

If you have the right mindset, desire and determination to change your life's circumstances... and if you are someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur and living life on YOUR terms -- with mobility, time and true financial security for yourself and your family... then MOS just might be for you.

However, there's only one way to find out.

And that is...

You Must Apply
For Membership.


Here's how it works:

Before you can be accepted into MOS and see the complete marketing system, the product lines and the first year business plan, you must apply, first.

Your application kit (you get immediately upon applying) includes:


  • Instant online application: You will get a list of simple questions that will only take you a few minutes to answer (and that will help us determine if you're going to be a good fit with us or not).
  • Private access code: You'll get instant access to The MillionaireOS' PRIVATE website where you can spend as much time as you like learning about this exclusive opportunity.
  • Unlimited access to our professionally trained coaches: They will be able to answer any questions you have, without pressure or hassle.
  • Customized 180-Day Personal Financial Blueprint:This business plan will help you dramatically change your financial outlook within the next 6 months.
  • Over 70 Hours of the Industry Best Archived Trainings (This content alone is priceless)
  • 30 days of free access to our New Member Orientation, Leadership Mastermind Calls and Daily Live Training Calls




But wait, there's more...


You will also receive all six of the bonus gifts below (for FREE) just for taking the time to apply. 

These gifts are valued at OVER $175.00 in retail value. And even if you decide MOS is not for you, you get to keep the freebies!


The Conspiracy Against Your Money Video ($25 Value)


  • Understand the Conspiracy Against Your Money and the enormously negative impact it could have on your financial savings if you are kept in the dark.
  • This video provides a thorough financial education.  The key to beating the conspiracy against your money is knowledge. And the truths revealed will help lay a solid financial foundation for all who apply.
  • Learn what the conspiracy is and how to avoid being a victim any longer.
  • Learn where successful entrepreneurs and investors are putting there money.
  • Learn how you can be on the right side of history during the largest wealth transfer our country has ever seen.
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The Invisible Profit System mp3 - Chris Widener ($19 Value)
  • Success is more than something you simply obtain.  Success is a way of life, a mindset and a decision. The Invisible Profits System teaches you how to study and manifest success in your everyday life and business.
  • You will also learn the difference between "true" profits and mere wages and how to avoid the latter, while reaping the benefits of the former!
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  • The Invisible Profits System also focuses on how your business is merely a reflection of you.  Learn how to identify the weaknesses and liabilities within you so that you can enjoy a more profitable personal and professional life.
  • Lastly, learn why simply building a business is fruitless and your true goal should be to leave a legacy.  A deeper understanding of success, profits and even you, will better equip you to build something that will extend well beyond your lifetime!


As A Man Thinketh Book by James Allen ($10 Value)
  • James Allen's classic "As A Man Thinketh" is the Bestselling Classic That Inspired "The Secret"
  • In "As a Man Thinketh," James Allen reveals how our thoughts determine reality. Whether or not we are conscious of it, our underlying beliefs shape our character, our health and appearance, our circumstances, and our destinies.
  • You will learn how to master your thoughts to create the life you want, lest you drift through life unconscious of the inner forces that keep you mired in failure and frustration.
  • This principle, which others have called THE SECRET or the LAW OF ATTRACTION, was clearly and convincingly stated for the first time in "As a Man Thinketh."
  • This book is a MUST read if you are desiring to change your negatives into positives!



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  • Think and Grow Rich is a Bonafide "six step plan" to become rich.
  • You will learn to fix your mind to the exact amount of money you want.
  • You will learn to determine exactly what you intend to give in return of money you want. There is no reality as ‘something for nothing’
  • You will learn the importance of establishing a definite date by which you need money
  • You will learn how to create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and then, begin at once, to put the plan into action.
  • You will be privy to the exact conversations of some of the richest and wealthiest entrepreneurs of all time.


The Science of Getting Rich Book by Wallace Wattles ($10 Value)
  • This book-is intended for men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward.
  • It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time, the means, nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics, but who want results and who are willing to take the conclusions of science as a basis for action, without going into all the processes by which those conclusions were reached.
  • This book is designed to release every preconcieved idea that is holding us all back from wealth.
  • The basic premise of this book is that becoming wealthy is a science, that once understood, and replicated will create wealth in everyone's life. Wealth is as infinite as the creative mind. Create ideas, take action and abundance will flow.
  • The ideas and concepts, once studied and applied will transform your mental approach to money. This is a book that will take you a day to read, but a life-time continually implement. Give it serious study, and I guarantee you success!




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